Resident Deputy Program – Fact or Fiction

Sheriff Daniel has tossed a lot of different terms out since taking office and “Resident Deputy” is one of those comments which in my opinion is misleading.

Having worked in the fourth largest sheriff’s office in the nation I can tell you I have some experience  in the roles of deputies and how to do that job.

Resident Deputy is by definition a Deputy that lives within the community they work in. while it is true that Sheriff Daniel’s Deputies live in Josephine County, THEY DO NOT live in the residential community where they work. For example the Deputy working as the resident deputy for Wolf Creek does not live in that area, he stated at the Wolf Creek town hall meeting that he patrols everything north of the river.

If we are going to throw out terms like “resident deputy” let’s have deputies that live in Wolf Creek, Williams, etc.

The fact is this:

The Josephine County Sheriff’s Office has Patrol Beats (areas) that the Deputies patrol. They are Beat Deputies, not resident deputies.