10/16/18 Josephine County Candidates Debate

Debates starts at about 1:11 into video.

Jonathan Knapp:

  • I lay out my qualifications and experience.
  • I raise questions as to what happened to the missing sheriff’s money after the levy was passed.
  • I promised 24/7 patrol
  • I promised increased volunteer opportunity.
  • I promised to work with the County Commissioners to fully fund the Sheriff’s Office.
  • I support the detention of individuals who enter our country, state, county and state. I support the ICE contract for the jail that Dave canceled.
  • I outlined long term funding for the School Resource Officers, had this been done we would have those officers in place today.
  • Supervised work detail in McMinnville and Arizona. ORS states that inmates will work, I will start a Chain gang.

Sheriff Daniel:

  • Dave said, he put DaveDaniel4Sheriff on his signs because there are four people in my family – FACT: I (Knapp) owned www.DaveDanielforSheriff.com so that domain wasn’t available to use.
  • At 10:20 Dave says he leads from behind, I (Knapp) am a firm believer in the lead from in front leadership style, give your people someone to follow.
  • 10:22 Thanks to additional funding, what are your ideas to improve the Sheriff’s Office? Dave’s answer was…  I kept my  promises, saturation patrols, added forest deputy (actually state funded contract), reinstated volunteer patrols (there are none), Purchased body-scanner ($80,000), Purchased in car video cameras (125,000), (purchased new jail camera system($600,000).
  • Plans to request the citizens to renew the levy.
  • $600,000 Marijuana grant, to be applied for annually – What is happening with those funds? (3 Deputies or Detectives).
  • Dave canceled the ICE contract to free up beds for our residents.
  • Claimed to have secured funding for 3 School Resource Deputies, This never happened. Claims resident deputies are in the schools everyday, this is also not happening.
  • Inmate work farm is very difficult but could be done, cannot use food that we grow within the jail.
  • You have to decide what calls are important and send them to those calls (Im ly opinion ALL calls are important.