Jonathan L. Knapp

Candidate for Josephine County Sheriff 2018

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website, my name is Jonathan L. Knapp and I am running for Sheriff of Josephine County in the 2018 election. I appreciate this opportunity to introduce myself and inform you of my qualifications and the reasons why I am running for Sheriff.

I grew up in Grants Pass, Oregon, attended Grants Pass High School and graduated from Hidden Valley High School. My Mom, her husband and one of my sisters still live in the local area and the rest of the total of seven children are spread across this great country of ours. After two careers and many years I have returned home to settle down with Janet, my wife of 30 plus years. Janet is a wonderful music teacher and mother of our two grown children living in Arizona, Laura our daughter works in customer service and Jonathan II our son is a school teacher.

I have over twenty-years of experience in Law Enforcement as a Sergeant in both the United States Air Force and with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.

After graduating from Hidden Valley High School in Grants Pass, Oregon I joined the United States Air force (1980-1984) as a Security Specialist assigned to the Strategic Air Command stationed in Grand Forks North Dakota. Serving in the military instilled in me the skills of effective leadership and I quickly promoted to the rank of Sergeant and become team leader of a high risk security response team.

From 1984 to 1999 I worked as an Officer with The Salvation Army, Promoting to the rank of Captain while working with large and small communities to develop programs to meet the needs of the citizens living there. Among other things I worked on the Disaster Relief teams assigned to several of the major U.S. Disasters as well as appointments as the Finance Officer for Southern California and Administrator for the Tacoma, Washington Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation Center.

In 1999 I started my 2nd career with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, located in the third largest county in The United States as a Detention Officer and then as a sworn Deputy Sheriff while working part-time at another job, taking care of my family and attending the Grand Canyon University. I graduated from Grand Canyon University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Safety Administration and then after a promotion and serving as a Deputy Sergeant, I earned a double Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Disaster Preparedness. I know and understand the value and importance of family, education, communication, and involvement in the community.

When I was sworn in as a Deputy Sheriff, I was one of the oldest deputy recruits in my Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office class. I didn’t let my age slow me down and went on to become a General Instructor, Sergeant and member of the Tactical Operations Unit as Crisis Negotiator. Throughout my career, I have served in various leadership positions including Patrol, Pre-Employment, Property & Evidence, Immigration Enforcement, and Superior Court Security.

I believe strongly in limited government, upholding the rights of an individual’s civil liberties and property rights given to us by our Constitution. As Sheriff I will stress community policing. Our deputies should be spending more time patrolling neighborhoods and businesses. We need to spend more time speaking and working with the residents to make our community safer for our families. This will also include more use of social media so there is an ongoing dialogue with the residents of Josephine County. I will focus on saving money and better allocating our limited existing resources to protect and serve you and your family.

While off-duty, I spend time with my family and stay actively involved in the community.  I’m active in our church and involved in other community organizations.

My wife, Janet teaches music and has been active in the community and churches her entire life. We want the citizens of Josephine County to know they have a choice at the next election and that choice is clear. Do you want a Sheriff’s Office with new ideas for our community or one that continues with the same policies of the past 4 years? If Status Que is not what you are looking for in your Sheriff’s Office then elect me, Jonathan Knapp, as your next Sheriff. My family and I would appreciate your support and vote.

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