Values Statement

These are my values and will become the values of the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office when I am elected as YOUR Sheriff:

  1. Encourage teamwork.
  2. Communicate clearly, openly, honestly, courteously and with integrity.
  3. Demonstrate a passion for excellence.
  4. Be ever mindful of our duty to the tax payers to be good stewards of their money through cost effective service delivery and responsible resource management.
  5. Be innovative, open to ideas, and view change as an opportunity.
  6. Encourage decision making at the lowest appropriate level; be a contributor and part of the solution.
  7. Adopt aggressive goals supported by timed, measurable objectives that are communicated throughout the organization.
  8. Be committed to providing effective and efficient services to citizens and other recipients of service.
  9. Recognize diversity and accommodate personal and professional differences while remaining focused on the Mission.
  10. Value employees and maintain civility in the workplace.