Mission Statement & Pledge

My mission as Your SHERIFF will be to provide law enforcement, detention, Investigations and crime prevention services to the public so they can be safe and secure in the community. In order to do that, as your Sheriff, I Pledge to:

  1. Evaluate all current programs for effectiveness and efficiency.
  2. Develop employees into fully certified Deputies in order to fulfill required duties.
  3. Implement a Deputy Reserve program to supplement salaried positions.
  4. Source Funding for additional occupancy in the county jail; reducing the release rate on inmates that should remain in custody.
  5. Organize events to meet with smaller communities and provide services. Events similar too coffee with a cop would be scheduled in every community.
  6. Establish written policies and procedures to regulate performance, promotion and discipline.
  7. Develop a Posse program with local volunteers to assist with community watch programs, traffic accidents and control and records management.
  8. Require that a written report be taken for all incidents reported by citizens when a crime has been reported.
  9. Insure all reports are entered into the national criminal data base so that Josephine County accurately reflects the crime rates and information needed for additional funding and resources.